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Website Link Count Checker will allow you to find out the number of links on a given webpage. Just enter the URL you are interested in checking for links and click on ‘Count Links’ button.

Use this “links count Checker” tool for instant and easy checking of links to your internet pages

This free on-line device is what you need if you want to count what number of outgoing hyperlinks are there on a given web page. Website owners and webmasters ought to regularly test their outside hyperlinks on their internet pages to make sure the high-quality of a internet site.

More importantly, this device permit you to keep cash and the problem of paying for advertising or hyperlink building from a less-than-credible service company. The use of “link Farms” (pages or web sites that exist best for reproducing one way links) isn't a great choice for search engine optimization due to the fact they have a specialised set of rules which can discover such hyperlink constructing activities. It is able to truely harm your website than assist you optimize it.

So, it is recommended that you use this hyperlink remember checker tool as a place to begin to eliminate pages that could probably harm the popularity of your website if you are going to alternate links. Then, you could make in addition evaluation by using manually reviewing the relevance of that particular internet web page.